Buying Real Estate

Below are a variety of articles that explain the various aspects of buying real estate in Ocean City and the surrounding areas. If you have a question that isn't addressed below feel free to contact me.

Contract and Escrow Phase

You made an offer on an Ocean City property and the Seller accepted the offer ... Now what?  Below is an overview of what you can expect as you work through the escrow phase of the contract towards the property settlement: Mortgage Application - The process typically takes 30-45 days and ... Read more about Contract and Escrow Phase

Renting Property

A lot of folks rent out their Ocean City real estate to help subsidize the property's carrying costs.  Below is a brief overview of the rental process for Ocean City real estate: The rental season in Ocean City runs from mid May to late September with the summer months generating a majority ... Read more about Renting Property

Closing Costs - Buyers

Closing costs are the costs associated with buying a home or condo that are in addition to the down payment.  Closing costs are going to vary from deal to deal depending on the terms and structure of the contract.  Common closing costs you can expect are: Transfer and recordation ... Read more about Closing Costs - Buyers

Condominium Fees

Condominium fees are the maintenance costs associated with a particular condo or townhome.  They are charged monthly or quarterly and paid separately from your mortgage payment.  Condominium fee amounts will vary from building to building, however there are some common similarities as to ... Read more about Condominium Fees